SERdA is a design studio.
SERdA started off as a platform to exchange ideas and thoughts by a group of like-minded people, exploring the realm of possibilities in architecture and design, as well as its omni-potent prospects reaching beyond art, culture, philosophy, socio- politics, and economics. Its ever-expanding landscape begs us to question the fundamental of life and livelihood, from all differing perspectives. Human nature, perception and sensation were found to always steer our discussions, more often than not, become the touchstone of our conversations.
This website is not a celebration of achievements, but rather a register of thoughts made tangible, for us to reflect upon, learn from and improve on. This website records our works from 2017 to 2023, hopefully portrayed in their most sincere essence. SERdA’s thoughts and notions; understanding and principles can be explored in these 37 selected projects, stretches from preliminary design articulation through to construction and completion. Various exploration involving genius-loci, materiality, personalisation, programmatic juxtaposition and spatial alteration are highlighted, and rationalised to eliminate nonsensical upon completion.
This website showcases SERdA's selected projects, arranged in a way to portray our contemporary ideals, chronologically sorted, so reader can make sense of the projects’ coverage.
Rozani Razali
Rozani Razali
Rozani Razali
BArch UoG
Rozani Razali is the founding director of SERdA, having established the practice in 2017. Sketching what drove Rozani towards design and architecture. He retains a hands-on role within the practice’s projects, driving his belief in social usefulness through every stage of a project from concept to completion. A creative pragmatist, he favours a versatile design with viability and buildability to gain planning permission and deliverables.
Rozani’s ability to build rapport with people from all backgrounds makes him a natural at working with multi- head clients and stakeholder groups, as well as leading complex multi- disciplinary design teams. His visionary and unconventional approach in establishing design direction helps him unite a team that shares the same vision for exceptional projects.
Shafran Mohamoud
Shafran Mohamoud
Shafran Mohamoud
Managing Director
Shafran travels the world, climbs mountains, and dives oceans to learn that life might just be better if it revolves around nature instead of ourselves. He believes that our life is affected by both macro and micro, tangible and intangible.
Before joining SERda, Shafran worked at various firms; big, small and in- between, making universities, airports, houses, sheds and extensions
Ar. Ezdihar Ahmad Ibrahim
Ar. Ezdihar Ahmad Ibrahim
Ar. Ezdihar Ibrahim
MArch Newcastle
Ar. Ezdihar holds a distinguished Master of Architecture from the University of Newcastle, Australia, graduating with honors. During his university years, he achieved the esteemed KGHoffman award for his outstanding presentation in urban design.
With a fervent appreciation for mid-century design, Ar. Ezdihar’s life embodies a harmonious blend of critical thinking, pragmatism, technical prowess, and a playful spirit. His passion for concrete and mid-century product design is palpable, while his enthusiasm for residential housing, particularly in the realms of Malaysian and Australian architecture.
Beyond his academic achievements and creative passions, Ar. Ezdihar now is a licensed professional architect.
Iryady Redzuan
Architect (LAM Part 2)
​​​​​​​Embracing a variety of ventures as a designer, educator and barista, Iryady began working for a local firm prior
to setting up his design studio while lecturing at a local university and founding a coffee shop. Urban design fascinates him, as it is the interaction between people and architecture
that remains his favourite topic to explore. His virtue is to cultivate the importance of design awareness in society by stimulating design creativity in problem solving.
He believes that existing boundaries in architecture and design can be expanded upon and propelled by critical thinking and will.
He has been awarded with PAM Students Awards Silver Medal 2018
for his master’s thesis, along with nomination for multiple design awards, including the RIBA Silver President’s Medal Part II Award 2017, and the Tamayouz International Award 2017.
Izzat Izzudin
MArch UM
Architect (LAM Part 2)
Izzat’s passion for music and rhythmic performances has subconsciously broadened his creativity spectral in understanding architecture thoroughly and convinced that the built environment exists as a vessel of ideas manifestation. He believes that rhythm, tempo and pattern are somehow interweaved, mingling together to compose a perfect harmony.
Izzat is a Part 2 architecture graduate of Universiti Malaya and has been working with SERda for almost two years. He is a passionate and spirit-driven individual, who wishes to further improve his set of skills in manoeuvring architectural scenography. Izzat prioritises knowledge and education beyond everything else.
Rois Bahru
Asst. Architect (LAM Part 1)
Rois is a designer who enjoys living in his imagination and in a constant effort of realising his thoughts and notions in the real world. He exhibits a deep interest in understanding the innate senses of a human through the concoction of memories, experience and philosophy. His unwavering passion for exploring theoretical design and material experimentation is fuel for his senses.
Rois is a Part 1 Graduate of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and possesses a keen interest in the intersection of architecture, art and design. He strives to gain more knowledge as well as improve his architectural epistemology via critical thought.
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