Rumah ADN
Putrajaya, MY

Located in the heart of Precinct 10, Putrajaya, Rumah ADN sits right at the end of a downward- sloping promenade that can be seen from the Township’s point of entry. Naturally, we feel the need to blur the proximity of the house, inviting curiosity among the passerby on the perimeter of the house to create a seamless transition between the public and the private. We intend to enhance the subtlety of the landscaping by introducing water elements to the front yard as an assimilation repertoire between surrounding nature and our proposed architecture. Progressing across the threshold of the house, the end-user will pass through a linear corridor puncturing across living halls, family area, outdoor gardens and dining hall. We believe a strong axis can be a primordial element in crafting circulations and spatial planning while at the same time not neglecting experiential forces. As someone progresses deeper into the private realm of the house, one will be aware of the visual connectivity between each active space, and how every node is filled with natural lighting as well as outdoor elements to enhance the indoor-outdoor interaction. We believe Rumah Adnan exemplifies a more honest relationship between the house and its surrounding environment.
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