Semungkis Campsite
Hulu Langat, MY

Campsite LGT is an exploration of macro-planning, develop meticulously to utilise a 5-acre elongated uphill land to its full potential. Resides next to a breathtaking stream of Semungkis River in the vicinity of Hulu Langat, the site offers tremendous spectral contextual forces, ranging from a distinctive terrain of a hill slope to a crystal clear river stream. Our design trajectory for this project is relatively simple yet impactful, that is to maintain the natural habitat as it is and subtly insert pockets of architectural follies throughout the trees and foliage, seamlessly collaborating with nature. We classify the site into three phases, subsequently working its way up to the top of the hill. 

These three phases are anchored by the pavilions and camping site right at the foothill, neighboured by clusters of living pods right in the jungle’s canopies, leading up to the secluded private villas, sought for their privacy and exclusivity. These formulae act as a body of work, organising tiers of recreational intensity into a rationalise sequence. Architectural-wise, pavilions and pods across the master plan are designed in a way it hovers above the natural ecosystem, preserving the floras underneath them. We deliberately try to imitate a smaller stream of a downhill river that feeds into the Semungkis River and reappropriate its fundamentals into the planning of the foot circulations, distributing each pod and villa alongside the pathways. Furthermore, by entangling both pathways and the downhill stream throughout the master plan, it spontaneously generates a series of pocket courtyards, acting as nodal points for the architectural structure to take place.
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