Kuantan, MY

RUMAH MZR triggers conversation as part of our design discourse where we put forth queries concerning minimalistic architectural elements and material honesty. This project resides in the vicinity of Bukit Istana Kuantan, a properly developed township housing numerous types and sizes of bungalows. Our take on this project revolves around upgrading livelihood and setting a new typography of a bungalow house within the area and how it should be perceived. We started by skimming off unnecessary elements of the house, eventually, it leaves us with three simple boxes stacked on top of one another. This design approach eventually results in idiosyncratic elements of the in-between spaces. 

This act of spatial interweaves creates a series of a pocket garden that supplements and effortlessly improves neighbouring spaces. It is prominent to keep a clear and uninterrupted open space at the foremost front yard so it elevates the contrasting effect of the whole architectural scheme. Water elements pierce through the family area and guest rooms, extending forward past the two blocks on the ground adding a subdued yet strong sense of welcoming to the house. Dissecting material honesty within Rumah MZR, texture coordination between AAC brick and broom-finished concrete emanates sublimity while highlighting the best traits of each material. We intend to portray an amalgamation of finesse with primitive elements, hoping it would result in fine architecture.
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