Rumah RTQ
Kuala Lumpur, MY

Rumah RTQ is a significant milestone in portraying our design thoughts in facilitating renovation challenges. Located in Bukit Ledang in the vicinity of Damansara Heights, this project evokes a series of critical arguments related to boundary demarcation and its impact towards the periphery of the house. We intend to manipulate the surrounding contextual forces of a sloping-downhill reserve forest next to its backyard and use it as an appendage to the reorganisation of spatial planning. 

Our design trajectories for this project involve an intensive dismissal of walls and partitions, creating an open-like layout throughout the living area, family area and dining area. These spaces are now seamlessly connected and their continuity is amplified by the presence of a swimming pool spanning two-thirds of the aforementioned spaces. This interactivity between the internal and the external forces are amalgamated and subtly becomes an extension to one another i.e, the living area expanded outwards and the poolside decking expanded inwards, thus enlarging the effective space at the ground floor. Ultimately, we envisioned it to be a theatrical setup, facing and at the same time framing the reserved forest next to it.
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