SGL Housing
Port Dickson, MY

SGL Township is one of our experimental projects in strategising housing development to integrate with unconventional dwell typologies. Located outskirts of Port Dickson town, Sunggala is a secluded area, developing to accommodate various housing schemes and envisioned to progress into a planned residential area. Our challenge for this project is to explore unconventional house typologies while simultaneously checking off the requirements of affordable standards. Throughout the design process, we excavate the essentials within dwellings to narrow down the very innate elements to conduct daily activities. Any unnecessary elements are ceased from the overall scheme. 

This act of spatial optimisation gives a clearer understanding of the end-users necessities to maintain a healthy and stimulating life daily. Therefore, it is crucial to encourage active collaboration between the outside-inside, demarcating the internal space of the house. We introduce a pocket garden as the heart of the house, feeding into each connected space such as the living area, the dining area, the bedrooms corridor and the master bedroom. An introduction of a natural element within the centre of the house would be beneficial for the end-user in conducting their daily life without having to compromise on spatial quality. We envisioned a house with a pocket garden would be a substantial improvement in living quality, especially for stigmatised affordable housing.
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