SLH Housing
Pahang, MY

Since our establishment and involvement in narrating residential epistemology, we continuously push forward the element of sustainability in curating architectural planning and its daily efficiency. For Rumah SLH, we crank up a notch and attempted to integrate Photo-Voltaic Module (PV) into the equation. Rumah SLH is a mid-size housing development proposal that sets to become an example of affordable housing that not only caters for the financial status of the lower-incomes but also helps to collect a tremendous amount of renewable energy that is beneficial to the environment. Within the proposed scheme, we envisage PV panels to be integrated into the simplified profile of the house’s roofs, replacing roof tiles as their conventional predecessor in house coverings. 

These acts of design intervention would be made possible with the cooperation of local energy distributors to exercise a new, believed-to-be better system of distributing energy in masses. Rumah SLH is intentionally designed in a way that it becomes a pilot project for the integration of PV panels into residential configurations without abandoning SERda’s ideals in curating space-making and architectural planning.
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